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Hoopla Halloween - Halloween Songs For Kids

Run Time
40 minutes
Kids it's a spooky Halloween Night! Get ready to sing and dance with the monsters, skeletons, zombies and many more creepy characters but try not to get too scared! Happy Hoopla Halloween!
  • Rock-a-bye-Baby Vampire
  • Spooky Dungeon song
  • Transylvania Finger Family
  • Scary Finger Family
  • Witch Potion Song
  • Freaky Frozen Skeletons
  • The Halloween Song
  • Colorful Scary Skeletons
  • Halloween Finger Family
  • Baby Zombie Finger Family
  • Skeleton Face Song
  • The Haunted Night
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Skullpops
  • Spooky Finger Family
  • Colorful Creepy Skeletons
  • The Haunted House
  • ABC Ghost Song
  • Scary Skeleton Family
  • Five Creepy Zombies
  • Five Creepy Spiders
  • Skeleton Dance
  • Fix-a-Skeleton
  • Zombie Zombie Yes Papa
  • Paint-a-Skull
  • The Haunted Tunnel
  • Zombie Finger Family
  • Crazy Skeleton Family
  • Fix-a-Skull