HooplaKidz Videos is a FREE app that provides your child with a friendly, fun place to watch great videos. This app is designed to be a lot of fun for your kids!

HooplaKidz Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away is TAP TAP FUN and an interactive experience designed for AGES: 2 and above. It encourages development of visual motor skills & hand eye coordination in kids.

HooplaKidz Preschool Party

Preschool Party is a whole lot of learning and a whole lot of fun. The carefully selected items and categories are suitable for preschool children.

HooplaKidz Fun With ABC And 123

This awesome game is full of vibrant colors and sounds that are sure to engage your child. What's even better is that HooplaKidz Fun With ABC And 123 has curated items that are appropriate and necessary for preschool children.

HooplaKidz Puzzle Islands

Let your child explore these sounds and much more on magical puzzle islands filled with wild animals, farm animals, birds, insects, and vehicles. Your child can explore all this in their natural surroundings; learn to identify them and their associated sound.

HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities

Sing along and play along to your favorite nursery rhymes! This app, catered to preschoolers, features 10 popular nursery rhymes that we are certain your kids will love!

HooplaKidz Mary Had A Little Lamb

Embark on a playful trip filled with activities where you can help Mary and her lamb complete pictures of their travels, puzzles and their activity book. You can also, play a game of hide and seek and tag with them.

HooplaKidz Halloween Party

Let your child be a part of the trick or treat fun as they get to bob for shrunken heads, help find Mango, and play tag with Ben! The best part is that your child can help Annie and her friends get ready for the big Halloween Party!

HooplaKidz Christmas Party

Let's decorate the Christmas tree, pack Christmas presents and sing along to our favorite Christmas songs! Christmas is fun for everyone, especially when you can build snowmen and make delicious Christmas treats!