About Us

HooplaKidz - a massively popular brand that is a world leader in digital family entertainment belongs to YoBoHo New Media - a leading digital media company that specializes in distribution of content on digital platforms and also creates digital first original content. YoBoHo New Media is now owned by BBTV - a digital entertainment company and a global leader in digital video.

Over eight years of understanding the kids space, the next phase of growth for HooplaKidz would be to enter the OTT market on a much bigger scale, specially in US and Canada. Keeping that factor in focus presenting you 'HooplaKidz Plus'.

HooplaKidz Plus is a one stop destination for parents and children of all ages. From creating and delivering - entertaining, engaging, safe and secure content across the world to adapting itself to your taste, HooplaKidz Plus caters to every need of yours. One subscription works wonders across devices and our 'On-the-go' feature also helps you download and enjoy your favorite video offline. And to top all the benefits, HooplaKidz Plus keeps adding new fun videos - segregated into Movies and Series that we bet you don't want to miss!

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